Founded over 15 years ago, Kelkay is a family business with a market-leading position in garden landscaping products. The company manufactures and distributes landscape gardening products through gardening retailers across the UK and Ireland.

Creative 23 were employed regularly to help Kelkay within the design studio on various packaging and POS projects. We were also tasked with photo editing and retouching. Previously, Dan, our Creative Director was employed at Kelkay in the early years of the company recreating their logo, designing their packaging and POS as well as organising and designing their annual exhibition stands at GLEE Birmingham NEC.

Creative 23 Kelkay LogoCreative 23 Kelkay Packaging
Creative 23 Kelkay PackagingLeaf Scoops
Creative 23 Kelkay Labels
Creative 23 Kelkay Rolling Lawn Aerator Packaging
Creative 23 Kelkay Display Unit
Creative 23 Kelkay Hand Tools Packaging

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