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Luke Gilbert, the founder of Rosedale & Jones Property Consultants started the business back in 2015 because he had become disillusioned with how most large corporate companies were treating their customers (and their staff for that matter). It seemed to him that good old-fashioned trust and fairness had been replaced by a “who cares” “can we get away with it” and “what people don’t know won’t hurt them” kind of attitude!

Creative 23 were tasked with taking his company forward to compete with some of the larger well-known property brands. We worked closely with Luke and took him on the journey with us. Together we discovered what he cared about, what was his purpose within the property industry and guided him through the development of his brand refresh.

Luke wanted to rebrand the company to really reflect and promote his honest and ethical standpoint and determination to add value. We had to be creative to ensure we demonstrated the values of the brand and how they are different from every other estate agent. As an added twist Luke wanted to keep the rose from the old branding in the new designs.

We created a suite of stationery items for Luke and cleverly managed to keep the rose in the new branding even adding a house roof to the top of the rose as a little nod to the industry. 

Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones LogoCreative 23 Rosedale & Jones Brochure
Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones
Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones Brochure
Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones Door Sign
Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones Logo
Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones Letterhead
Creative 23 Rosedale & Jones Business Card

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